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Bed Bugs Pest Control Treatment in Singapore


Bed Bugs in Singapore can infest bed linen, curtains, carpets and multiply quickly, making them difficult to eliminate.They are mainly active at night and live on the blood of warm-blooded animals, including humans. Bed Bugs are small, oval insects that are rusty red or brown in colour. They cannot fly and have a tendency to hide in cracks and crevices, particularly in wood and fabrics.


Bed Bugs may infiltrate your home through luggage or clothing and live as a colony and reside in mattresses, box springs, and bed frames as they prey on human blood at night. Most people do not realise that they have been bitten by bed bugs and often think they have been bitten by mosquitoes.


The situation can be more challenging with Bed Bug surviving for up to a year without a meal. An infestation can happen quickly as an adult female bed bug lays an average of 5 eggs per day which is about 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime.


Inspection + Flush Out


Our Bed Bug Specialist team will examine your entire home including mattress, frames, crevices etc. narrowing down to locate cluster of bed bugs flushing them out of any cracks and crevices they might be hiding. They are highly trained in technical skills rising above their peers to be our bed bugs specialist team and also achieving NEA’s highest qualification for pest control technicians.


Our chemicals are handpicked over multiple trails to select only the premium range of NEA approve chemicals which is safe, odorless and does not stain any furniture or walls. And the bottom line effective in carrying out the treatment. As bed bugs can be hiding anywhere in the premise, residual chemicals and space dispersion techniques are used to treat the infected space effectively. Once dried they stay effective for a period of 2 weeks before breaking down naturally.


Not to worry, for people with more sensitive skins and allergy we have an alternative for a non-chemical treatment using only heat techniques to kill bed bugs. Keeping your home bed bugs free and your family safe.


Residual spraying:


Bed Bugs Pest Control Residual spraying is an extremely effective treatment for homes as it is not harmful to humans and will not stain the walls or flooring. A pesticide non-toxic to mammals is sprayed at targeted areas acting as a chemical barrier, executing bed bugs upon contact.


We can achieve fast knock down & effective long term bed bugs control, applying surface sprays in and around bed bugs harbourages, and along typical routes where bed bugs travel, to provide fast knockdown and bed bugs control. Leave it to your bedbugsremoval.sg specialists.


Non Chemical Treatment:


In non-chemical treatment, Bed Bugs are executed solely through super heat & steam. Superheated steam is passed through a nozzle and is aimed directly at bed bug harbouring and nesting areas killing off eggs & bed bugs. We expertise in recognising potential bed bug hiding areas ensures that no bed bug is left undiscovered and an effective treatment can be performed.


As heat kills bed bugs at all developmental stages, including eggs, only one treatment may be required. Leave it to your bedbugsremoval.sg specialists.


At Bedbugsremoval.sg , we totally eradicate your woes so you and your loved ones can have a good nights’ rest. We provide affordable, yet very effective methods for eradication of bed bugs with a proven combination of unique integrated eco-friendly, greener methods as well as super heat-treatment solutions.

Our treatment solutions are in compliance with international best practices and conforms with industry safety regulatory standards.

Our staff consist of professionally-trained, highly educated and NEA certified technicians, with the much needed expertise and years of experience in Bed Bugs control.

Feel free to speak to us at +6591412424 let us see how our Bed Bugs Specialists can assist you.